Pancakes on kefir

American alternative to Russian pancakes are pancakes. This is a popular dish that is often made for breakfast. Cooking pancakes on kefir is not difficult, but the result will amaze with its delicate taste and lush, soft texture.

Basic Ingredients

Pancakes can be decorated with something sweet or salty.

American pancakes on kefir are prepared from a simple set of ingredients. It can be found in almost any home, and the cost of the components is not high. It will take:

  • kefir (0.5 l);
  • chicken egg (2 pieces);
  • granulated sugar (2 tbsp. l.);
  • wheat flour (2.5 tbsp.);
  • vanilla sugar (on the tip of a knife);
  • soda (1 tsp);
  • baking powder (10 g);
  • vegetable oil (100 ml).

You can add and decorate the dish:

  • fruits;
  • berries;
  • sweet sauces;
  • sour cream;
  • chocolate or nut butter;
  • jam or jam;
  • scrambled eggs and bacon.

Calorie dishes

From the above amount of ingredients, 10 servings of pancakes are obtained. Calorie one is 319 kcal, not counting additives in the form of syrups and fruits.

A portion also contains 7.8 g of proteins, 12.9 g of fat, 43.3 g of carbohydrates.

If the composition or volume of products changes, then it is necessary to recalculate the caloric content, based on the energy value of the used products.

The basic recipe of American pancakes on kefir

To make pancakes lush, they need to be simmered

Cooking time is 30 minutes.

It is necessary to pour kefir into a saucepan or stew-pan and put on a small fire. Immediately in the liquid should pour soda. It does not need to be quenched beforehand, since this process occurs when the powder interacts with kefir acids (soda will not be felt in the finished dish). When the liquid heats up, a magnificent cap of foam will rise above it. After its appearance it is necessary to remove the dishes from the fire.

Kefir should cool down a bit. After which you should enter the eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar. All products must be thoroughly mixed until uniform. Eggs can be pre-whipped in a separate bowl to facilitate the process.

In the egg-kefir mixture, you can gradually add flour and beat with a mixer. Last but not least, vegetable oil is added to the dough.

Fry pancakes can be on a dry, well-heated pan with a non-stick coating, or on the usual with the addition of a small amount of vegetable or butter (they need to lightly grease the surface of the dish).

The pancake oven needs to be simmered so that they can fry inside. They should be turned over at the moment when bursting bubbles appear on the surface.

After the pancakes are roasted on both sides, they can be lightly greased with butter.

Other variations of pancakes on kefir

Options for cooking pancakes - a lot. Some of them involve the use of additional components attached to the base. Others can be prepared by excluding some foods.

Pancakes on kefir with banana

If you are a big fan of bananas, you can not only add them to the dough, but also use them as decoration

In order to make pancakes on a kefir with a banana, you will need:

  • sugar (25 g);
  • banana (1 pc.);
  • kefir (200 ml);
  • egg (1 pc.);
  • wheat flour (140 g);
  • butter (2 g);
  • vegetable oil (10 ml);
  • cinnamon (4 g);
  • baking powder (10 g);
  • salt (5 g);
  • ground nutmeg (2 g).

Banana must be kneaded with a fork to the state of mashed potatoes. After - add it to the mixture of kefir, eggs and melted butter.

Flour and other dry ingredients should be mixed together and slowly pour kefir mixture into them. Next - mix thoroughly. It is not necessary to achieve complete homogeneity, as pancakes will turn out tasty if you feel banana slices in them.

In a hot pan, oiled, you can fry pancakes. From the specified number of ingredients, 4 large pancakes are obtained. Serve them with chopped banana and honey.

No eggs

Lack of eggs in the refrigerator will not prevent pancakes from eating

If there are no eggs at home or you are allergic to them, then you can make pancakes with kefir without adding them. You will need the following list of ingredients:

  • salt (pinch);
  • granulated sugar (50 g);
  • kefir (0.5 l);
  • soda (10 g);
  • vegetable oil (17 g);
  • wheat flour (400 g).

Kefir, sugar, soda and salt should be whipped. Add flour in small portions and continue to beat until smooth. At the very end of cooking add vegetable oil, mix everything thoroughly again and let the mixture stand.

After 10 minutes, you can again mix the dough and start frying pancakes in a dry frying pan until the crust and bubbles appear.


Pumpkin pancakes are especially bright.

Pumpkin gives dishes a beautiful orange hue, as well as a bright taste. To make pumpkin pancakes you will need:

  • eggs (1 pc.);
  • peeled pumpkin (300 g);
  • salt (10 g);
  • kefir (200 ml);
  • sugar (75 g);
  • soda (5 g);
  • wheat flour (90 g);
  • ground cinnamon (4 g).

Kefir mix with flour until smooth. Eggs for pancakes need to be whipped separately. After - mix them with sugar, soda and salt and pour into the kefir-flour mixture.

Pumpkin should be cleaned, remove the skin, and the flesh cut into small pieces and beat in a blender into mashed potatoes. The resulting mass should be mixed with dough, add cinnamon and leave the dough to rest for 15 minutes, after which you can bake pancakes.

Ready-made pancakes served with jam or berry syrup.


Chocolate pancakes - perfect for sweet teeth

Chocolate pancakes are a delicious dish that can be served for breakfast when you want sweets. For their preparation will require:

  • chicken egg (2 pieces);
  • wheat flour (200 g);
  • kefir (400 ml);
  • vegetable oil (6 tbsp.);
  • granulated sugar (3-4 tbsp.);
  • salt (pinch);
  • cocoa powder (3 tbsp. l.);
  • soda (0.5 tsp.).

All products must be mixed. The amount of flour may be a little more or less, you can vary it, based on the density of the dough. It should be like liquid sour cream.

Pancakes are fried in a heated frying pan. When laying out the first portion of pancakes, it can be greased with vegetable oil.


Oat pancakes can be enjoyed even while dieting.

Oat pancakes - a simple and tasty dish that will suit people on a diet or just lovers of oatmeal. Also, they just can diversify the usual diet.


  • kefir (100 g);
  • egg (1 pc.);
  • butter or margarine (10 g);
  • corn starch (25 g);
  • baking powder (1 tsp.);
  • oatmeal or oatmeal (20 g);
  • wheat flour (40 g).

All components for the preparation of pancakes must be mixed together (melt the butter beforehand), but oatmeal should be left at last. They fall asleep at the very end and leave to swell for half an hour or an hour. If the pancakes are planned to be prepared as breakfast, then the dough can be mixed in the evening, and in the morning you can fry the pancakes quickly. Bake them to a heated frying pan without oil.


Dietary pancakes make sugar substitution for sweetener

Pancakes can be eaten even during the diet. To do this, there are special recipes that involve the use of a limited amount of sugar (you can replace sugar substitutes) and fats.

It will take:

  • kefir with a minimum percentage of fat (1 tbsp.);
  • egg (1 pc.);
  • egg white (1-2 pieces);
  • oat flakes, ground into flour (4-5 tbsp. l.);
  • baking powder (1 tsp);
  • salt.

All components need to be mixed, give the oatmeal time to swell (15 minutes is enough). If you want to get sweeter pancakes, you can add 1 banana, ground to the state of mashed potatoes.

Fry pancakes need to dry pan until cooked. Serve with low-fat cottage cheese, berries, or just to eat.


Corn pancakes surprise with pleasant color and spicy taste

Corn pancakes have a beautiful yellow color and a pleasant taste. For their preparation will require the following list of products:

  • corn flour (130 g);
  • wheat flour (130 g);
  • baking powder (5 g);
  • salt (3 g);
  • kefir (200 ml);
  • eggs (2 pieces);
  • melted butter (45 g);
  • cooking oil for frying.

Liquid and dry ingredients for pancakes should be mixed separately, and then combined. It is more convenient to pour the liquid components into the flour mixture so as not to form a large amount of lumps.

Corn pancake should be homogeneous and thick like sour cream. Fry them on a preheated pan for 1.5 minutes on each side.

Serve corn pancakes best with sour cream and berries.

Ideal pancakes are soft and tender as a cloudlet and fluffy like biscuit cakes. You can serve them with anything you like.

You can reduce the fat content of pancakes if you fry them in a dry non-stick frying pan.