Victoria Beckham has promised to reunite with the Spice Girls

The news of the upcoming tour of the Spice Girls group was the main news of the fall. True, almost immediately it became known that Victoria Beckham would not join the group.

The official reason is too much workload as a designer of clothes. However, insiders claim that the old conflict with another soloist, Melanie Bi, is to blame for everything. A few years ago, she allowed herself a few unpleasant words to Victoria, and Beckham bore a grudge.

The other day, the footballer's wife congratulated her friends on the upcoming tours and promised that she would definitely be at the concert, but as a spectator. Paul said to Victoria, she will definitely get a ticket to one of the group's concerts and support the girls from the audience. This Beckham told reporters Vogue, on the cover of which appeared.