Autumn bridal bouquet - the highlight of your wedding

Bouquet in autumn style - a small detail or a big decoration of a celebration? If you have decided to play a wedding in the fall, it would be a pity to miss such an interesting opportunity.

Bridal bouquet is a sacral element of a holiday and an essential attribute of a photo shoot. And if your wedding fell on the brightest and most fertile time of the year, it's time to give free rein to the imagination!

Autumn bridal bouquet is easy to learn among fellows. It highlights the first color. Green goes into the background, remains in the form of small patches. But shades of red, yellow, orange, terracotta, burgundy and chocolate rule the ball. As a result, the bouquets are bright, unusual and uniquely memorable.

When choosing a design, you should also take into account the overall style of the wedding and how the components are combined. If you are planning a themed wedding, autumn bouquet can be a great addition. For example, for the theme of Halloween, country or a masquerade ball, this option is perfect. In the classical ceremony, such an attribute is also appropriate, but only if it is in harmony with the color scheme of the celebration.

In drawing up the bouquet, you must avoid extremes. The accessory should not be too bright, catchy and challenging so as not to overshadow the bride and her jewelry.

It is necessary to take into account the pragmatic side of the issue - usability. In order not to overshadow the happiest day in life, a bouquet should be chosen not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Not too heavy, optimal size, without sharp smelling flowers.

A special feature of autumn bouquets are seasonal flowers. Chrysanthemums, asters, dahlias, gerberas, hydrangeas and sunflowers are popular with florists and newlyweds. The classic "wedding" flower retains its position here: what kind of wedding is without roses?

Unusual patches create a colorful atmosphere: sprigs of mountain ash or other berries, dried flowers, apples, mini vegetables, and Physalis. They easily turn a set of plants into a true symbol of abundance, which not only pleases the eye, but also promises the well-being of a young family. Do not be afraid to experiment! The more unusual the combination, the more advantageous it may be.

Autumn bridal bouquets are gaining increasing popularity. You can order this little miracle from a professional florist or do it yourself. In any case, it will be an important part of your image and a pleasant memory.