Hairstyles for medium hair (50 photos): stylish options

It is not difficult to pick up haircuts for medium hair, because this length allows you to give free rein to your imagination.

A modern girl is surely interested in how to make beautiful hairstyles for medium hair without special expenses. After all, the outcome depends on the outcome of love dates, successful meetings with the employer, self-esteem and just a good mood for the whole day.

A few hand movements, a couple of minutes at the mirror, and you are ready to conquer the hearts

An elegant hair clip will help turn a simple bun into the peak of perfection and tenderness

Hairstyles for medium hair: a variety of options

There are several types of hairstyles:

  • Bundle;
  • Curls and curls (without curling);
  • Braids;
  • Fleece;
  • Hairstyles in retro style;
  • Greek hairstyles.

You can find other types of styling, but they will only be varieties of these options.

Curls never go out of fashion, because this hairstyle on medium hair is suitable for both everyday wear and for special occasions.

Hair - one of the main elements in the image of each girl

Elegant bundle - fast and easy

Volume bundle is the best hairstyle for those who have difficult hair styling. Suitable for romantic meetings, evening events, working days and just for a morning jog.

The most affordable version of the beam - using rubber bands and hairpins, which are in the cosmetics bag of every girl with medium-length hair. Here is not required pedantry and accuracy. Easy negligence adds to the image of playfulness and levity.

The second simple and fast way to create a volumetric bundle is a special bagel, which is in the sale of accessories. It can be replaced with a regular cropped toe. The tail is passed through the hole, and the ends are fixed evenly over the bagel. The ideal solution for owners of thin and sparse hair.

The easiest and fastest way to make a bunch is to use a special foam bagel

The beam is universal and suitable for all occasions.

High beam with decoration

Bagels fantasy designers do not end there. There are other special hairpins for the simple creation of beams, for example, heagami and sophist-twist. The advantage of such hairpins is time saving.

For thin hair of medium length, a bunded pile will be perfect. This option is not suitable for daily use, because it spoils the hair. But for a one-time publication - a great competition to any other hairstyles.

You can diversify a standard bundle with beautiful braids or using additional accessories.

Romantic image, which is based on the most ordinary beam. The whole secret is in beautifully laid strands.

High beam in the image of the bride

You can diversify the standard bundle with beautiful braids all over your head.

The restraint and severity of bundled hair is diluted with a romantic bow.

Tip! The bundle will suit any woman, but you should try different sizes and shapes. Full-faced girls should look at the bulk options. During the bouffant you should know the measure, so that the elegant image does not turn into a comic one.

Making curls with your own hands

The paradox of straight hair is that they certainly want to make them wavy and vice versa. Curls on the hair of medium length look spectacular.

  • Curls, like the famous Barbie doll, you need to do from the bottom level, gradually moving to the top. Keep curling for 2-3 seconds.
  • Corkscrew-shaped curls will be obtained if each thin strand is wound on curlers or curling iron in an upright position.
  • Lightness and carelessness can be given to the hair using a diffuser. In this case, it is inappropriate to use lacquer, because it is difficult to call a neat haircut.

Depending on how you hold the curling iron when you wind it up, you can get this or that hairstyle

Curls on curlers

Crazy volume with tiny curls

  • Foil in the ensemble with the iron - an excellent way to create zigzag curls. The main thing is that the width of the foil was twice the length of the strand. For the effect, it is enough to hold the hot foil as an accordion for no more than five seconds.
  • For small spirals need special curlers. Each strand is passed through them from root to tip. Remove the design can be immediately after cooling. Fix the hair with lacquer.
  • It is not necessary to spend money on a professional perm. For one evening, you can create it at home. It is enough to use the usual wooden bobbins. Before winding the curl, it must be treated with a styling agent.
  • If the house has a flat iron, it can be used for other purposes and make excellent curls. To do this, hold the device through the hair, turning it slowly 180 degrees. Then you need to hold the curls with a comb, which has rare teeth.

Tip!If there is enough time to create curls, it is better to use braid weaving. This is the most benign option. It is enough to braid them for the night. In the morning, lush identical curls are guaranteed. For a long effect, it is recommended to fix it with varnish.

Using the iron and foil you can make light waves

Professional perm can quickly get bored, but you can make light curls yourself, depending on your mood and inspiration.

Twisted curls can be worn by themselves, or used as a basis for more complex hairstyles.

Hollywood curls add to the charm

To feel like a star on the red carpet, you just have to do your hair with Hollywood curls. It conquers with simplicity and at the same time good taste, style and uniqueness.

Sloppy Hollywood curls are very easy to do at home. To do this, wet after washing the hair to process mousse or foam. Then you need to gently wrinkle their hands along the entire length. Laying the diffuser will complete the creation of hairstyles.

Uniform strands just make ironing. For each dried strand you need to hold the device, slowly rotating it around its axis. Special attention should be paid to the tips, so that they do not stick out in different directions.

Stunning Hollywood Curls

The easiest way to make your own Hollywood curls - use the usual curling

Tapered curler will add volume to the hair roots

Stunning curly curls

Simplifies the task of styling Hollywood curls special cone curling. It is necessary to hold a lock before unwinding 5-7 minutes. The effect of high temperatures will hold the hair together. The resulting large curls do not need to comb. Just sprinkle with varnish. The comb can only be used for volume at the roots.

The old proven way to create Hollywood curls - curlers. On the market they offered a huge amount of different sizes, materials and methods of use. However, while using hair curlers, the hair is a little thick, which spoils the effect of neat Hollywood hairstyles. To eliminate this trouble, each curl should be treated with a fixing varnish.

Tip!Large Hollywood curls are best done on heated hair rollers with a diameter of 4 cm. Small Hollywood curls are conveniently created using flexible boomerang sticks.

Curlers, large hairbrush or curling hair will help you in creating beautiful curls

Hollywood curls - another great idea hairstyles for medium hair

In these curls lies chic, elegance and beauty.

Romantic image that is easy to create with your own hands

Spit: a variety of choices

Weaving braids familiar to every girl since childhood. They have always been popular with boys and age interest is not a hindrance. The advantages of hairstyle in convenience. Hair does not interfere, always neatly laid and hardly hurt the weather conditions. The only caveat - for a good braid you need to have the skill of weaving, which you can build on your own in just a few independent attempts.

The braids are familiar to every girl since childhood, however, using a few simple tricks, ordinary braids can be turned into real masterpieces

On medium-length hair, you can experiment and come up with many variants of braids. However, there are six main types of weaving, which are the basis of each hairstyle.

  1. The braid-crown is woven around the entire circumference of the head, capturing the smallest hairs and fastening itself with a beautiful hairpin or invisible hair on the crown.

    Step-by-step instruction of weaving a braid-crown - the perfect hairstyle for medium hair

  2. To create a volumetric braid, you will need more than three standard strands. Several braids overlap and stretch slightly.
  3. During the weaving of an unusual waterfall, the hair is added not to the two strands, but to one, leaving the other part of the hair flowing down. You can make several steps of the waterfall. The principle is the same.

    Spit-waterfall is the perfect complement to the image of boho or hippie

  4. Spikelet of two types: external and internal. The basis of the hairstyle is a standard ponytail, which is woven into a beautiful thick spit in the shape of a spikelet.
  5. A few simple braids can create new shapes. For example, heart, oval, star and similar masterpieces. It is enough just to use barrettes.
  6. Cross weaving allows for experimentation. It is very easy to make a flower from braids if you combine two classic braids into one and wrap it around a rubber band.

Tip!To create masterpieces of braids, it is enough to be able to weave a classic version, a cone and a waterfall. Connecting a technician will help unleash creativity and an excellent hairstyle for any event will be ready in a matter of minutes.

Cross braiding and braid bonding

Idea for super moms: a spikelet around the head with a part in the form of a heart

Step-by-step workshop on weaving a spit French waterfall

This masterpiece of hairdressing you can easily do at home by yourself.

Step 1. We collect hair from the right side, divide it into three strands, weave a braid obliquely. Each time the top strand, knitting, leave hanging

Step 2. We finish the weaving, the remaining hair from the left side is collected in the tail. Step. 3 Strands hanging from the braid alternately pin up to the tail of the invisible

Step 4. Turn the tail into a neat bunch. Your French waterfall is ready

Hairstyles with fleece: how to create volume

The bouffant was popular until women of fashion found it harmful to hair. Indeed, with the wrong technique, the hairstyle can injure the tips or it will settle in just a few hours.

For a voluminous hairstyle, you will need a hair dryer, a lacquer, a round brush brush and a comb. Further, depending on the desired shape, comb gently and gently comb hair to the desired state.

On medium-length hair, bouffant hair can be an independent hairstyle, and you can add it to any professional haircut. The most popular haircuts are:

  • A ponytail with a pile suggests an increase in volume in the occipital, crown and temporal lobes. Then the hair is collected in the tail. They can wrap the gum and get a stylish hairstyle for daily use.

Romantic classic in hairstyles with fleece

Stylish club hairstyle - combed three levels

  • Beautiful hairstyle for straight hair is very simple. It is enough to transfer all combed hair to one side.
  • Magnificent babette on the hair of medium length looks good in combination with a pile over the bangs.
  • The fleece visually helps to enlarge the forehead and make the eyes open. The bang is combed, rises up and is fixed with a barrette.
  • In the process of creating a club hairstyle, bouffant is done at the very end. First, the hair from the back of the head and temples are collected at one point on the crown. And only the upper central strand volumetric superimposed on the previous flagella and hides them. The design is well fixed with varnish.

Step-by-step instructions for creating babette

How to make a bouffant

Loose hair looks good only when it is voluminous. Therefore, in this case, the comb can be very useful. The bottom row of strands comb well, and the top is fixed with pins.

Tip! In order to quickly and without harm to the hair to disassemble the hair with a pile, you first need to wash off the styling products.

Diverse mix of ruffles and tufts

Retro hairstyles: good taste and time saving

The retro hairstyle will add to the gentleness and femininity of any image. Ideal for a romantic date and party in the style of past years.

For a hairstyle, vintage waves need to be wound by a strand on a curling iron and clamped with a hairpin at the roots. After processing the entire head, remove the hairpins and unwind the hair to one side.

Playful vintage waves

To create Victory Rolls, you should divide the hair with a side parting and a smaller part together with the back of the head. Wind the strand from the untreated part of the head around the comb and fix the resulting curl.

Famous Curls of Victory Rolls

Try on the image of the femme fatale of the 1930s by twisting the Victory Rolls

Parting should be sidelined when creating babette. The central strand is laid at the end on top of the rest of hair already combed.

Two stylish symmetrical shells on the sides of the crown will surprise each guest of the party in the style of the 40s. Make hair just by comb, curling and a few hairpins.

The original sinks on both sides of the crown will attract the eyes of those around you.

The ponytail is popular and convenient in different variations. Retro execution involves twisting the hairs on the sides of the shell-shaped flagella, and behind it a straight flowing tail.

Hairstyle low waves is difficult to do yourself. In the process you need to curl all the hair in layers exactly under each other.

The main highlight of the 30s hairstyle in symmetrical patterns is the shape of the hair on both sides. Waves are formed only with fingers and a comb.

Tip! When creating retroropic it is important to take into account the style of clothing. For a tracksuit refined styling option will not work.

Hairstyles for medium hair allow you to create any image you need.

Greek hairstyles

Hairstyles of Greek goddesses are simple in execution and carry mystery, solemnity. There are several main types of styling:

  • The Greek knot is twisted hair, which is fixed by the studs at the bottom of the head in the form of a cone-shaped bundle.
  • The Greek tail is gathered at the top of the head, and the lowered strands are decorated with beads and ribbons.

Greek knot on medium length hair

Hairstyles in the Greek style certainly adorn diadems, hoops, headbands or wreaths of flowers

Often, Greek hairstyles are chosen to create the image of the bride

  • Hairstyle hetera is possible only with a special hairnet "stefana". Any sloppy bunch of curly hair, assembled into a decorated "stephan" is a beautiful finished hairstyle.
  • "Lampadion" - a complex hairstyle. At the end, the hair is collected from behind, and an exciting curl remains in front.

Innocence and tenderness in the Greek hairstyle

Spikelet with a diadem across the head

Apollo Bride Haircut by the Bride

The easiest way to create a romantic image is a Greek hairstyle.

  • The bow of Apollo means curling hair into careless waves on the sides. Fixed at the back with a barrette. You can supplement the design with a diadem.

Tip! In the Greek hairstyles appropriate to use additional jewelry and beat them: headbands, hairpins, tiaras.