Black turtleneck - what and why to wear it?

Black turtleneck - the magic wand of the female wardrobe. One of those things that allows you to look great on a walk in the park, at work in the office or at a festive evening.

When we say “black turtleneck”, the image of a knitted turtleneck with a collar under the throat immediately appears in the head. Of course, this is one of the most popular models, but not the only one. This option is suitable for cool summer or warm spring and autumn.

For the hot summer period, you can choose a turtleneck without sleeves. It will look spectacular with bright, contrasting things. Or pick up the original transparent turtleneck.

For a cool season, more dense and voluminous models become relevant. In terms of their thickness and fabric structure, they can resemble a thin sweater.

How to choose a turtleneck? Notice how the selected item sits on you. It should not be overly tight. Otherwise, such a model will emphasize minor figure flaws.

On the other hand, do not take too free. Such a thing will not be able to emphasize the dignity of your figure. When you try to fill in a skirt or pants, it will swell up. It is better to opt for the medium version. A good turtleneck should gently hide flaws.

What is the black turtleneck deserved the popularity and recognition of fashionistas around the world? First, the black color visually makes the shape slimmer and smaller. And in combination with a well-chosen cut, the real “magic of reduction” begins!

Secondly, the turtleneck is one of the most comfortable things in the women's wardrobe. It does not hinder movement, easily takes the form of a body and is made of soft, pleasant materials. Wearing such a thing is a pleasure!

Thirdly, a black turtleneck is an ideal basis for a variety of images. Do you want a fur vest to open in full beauty? Need to shade a bright jacket? Planning to focus on bright jewelry or accessories? In these and many other cases, a black turtleneck complements the image, but does not over-focus attention on itself. However, she can play the main role, adding notes of grace and aristocracy, even in everyday clothes.

You can combine a black turtleneck with skirts and trousers, with airy materials and natural leather, play on the contrast or choose a monophonic image. Whatever you prefer, the result will be spectacular and stylish.