Face Cream after 30 years - Best funds rating

To choose the right face cream after 30 years, you can refer to the rating of the best means.

Mirror and soul, and health, and age can be called the skin of a woman. The rating of face creams after 30 years is easy to find in various fashion magazines, and it becomes especially necessary right now. Our article will help to figure out what helps from what.

After 30 women sometimes face for the first time the peculiarities of their skin type: the sensitive one begins to peel off more actively, the oily one grieve with rashes

Age changes

In 20, a girl is enough to wash in the morning - and the beauty of the skin does not need to be emphasized. And later, you can not do without cosmetics - face cream after 30 years (the rating of funds is based on different criteria) becomes an essential attribute of cosmetics.

The age of “30 plus” since the time of Balzac is called “Balzac” (the Ukrainian wife hid her years, later it became known that she was older than the young husband). But old age is not associated with this period of female age.

  • The skin of the face is undergoing changes.
  • Changing shade. Pallor and dullness are replacing a healthy blush, and “progress” is noticeable in young women who smoke.
  • Small wrinkles make themselves known - near the eyes, mouth. There may be creases in the nasal septum.
  • Girls sometimes encounter for the first time the features of their skin type (the sensitive one begins to peel off more actively, the oily one - to grieve with rashes).

But all these signs of skin of a 30-year-old young lady are not obligatory characteristics. They are individual (sometimes such problems occur at an earlier age or vice versa).

For women over 30, the main requirement for the cream is effective moisturizing.

Tip! Determine the features of the skin will help beauticians. It is better to visit a specialist once (sometimes a dermatologist), and only then choose skin care products, than using inappropriate cosmetics.

There will be more harm from experiments. As an option, use individually popular brands of products, listening to their own feelings. There are "cult" names, about which a lot of reviews on the Internet, they are often found in advertising.

Choosing a face cream after 30 years: rating

Vichy Aqualia Thermal: hydration comes first

The price of the product remains affordable in the category, albeit not cheap (about 900 rubles). These are products of a French cosmetics company that was founded back in 1931. Her cosmetics, one of the first, combined decorative and therapeutic functions. And now Vichy products are purchased in pharmacies.

Features of the cosmetic line for girls category "30+":

  • Created on the basis of thermal water, which itself softens skin cells. The mark "Aqualia Thermal" indicates moisturizing properties.
  • It has a gel consistency (easier and faster absorbed). Jars lasts almost 2 months.
  • Even on the street, in damp and low frost conditions, the cream protects the skin from hypothermia.
The mark "Aqualia Thermal" indicates moisturizing properties

Important! Moisturizing is the main criterion for a woman to choose cosmetics after 30 years. It fights goose feet, dryness and premature wrinkles. The main constituent substance is aquabioril (an element that retains moisture in the cells).

Cream from "Kora": "Antistress"

Russian produced also pulled ahead in the matter of beauty. To keep and increase youth helps products of the company "Cora". Enzymes more than 60 medicinal plants used in the manufacture of cosmetics. But phytomeans can not call products - the development of cosmetologists, innovative technologies are present here with them on an equal basis.

Antistress differs from Cora:

  • At the cost of. For a container of cream you need to pay about 400 rubles (cheaper than foreign counterparts).
  • The tool is also sold only in pharmacies, sometimes young women order cream on Internet sites.
  • The cream is easy to apply (often used as a layer under the base for makeup), under it the skin breathes. It is also used by owners of a pronounced fat and sensitive type. But girls with combination skin will have to be applied unevenly (in areas with increased fat separation - less than on dry or scaly).

The cream is easy to apply (often used as a layer under the foundation for makeup), under it the skin breathes

  • "Antistress" moisturizes, nourishes, fights against loss of elasticity. The "rejuvenating" effect is achieved due to antioxidants (they slow down oxidation processes). Vitamin C remains a “reflector.”

Tip! Issue years and neck, and the outer corners of the eyes. Worried about these sensitive areas. Beauticians advise you to choose individual creams (for each zone), but be sure of the same brand (they act in a complex, and the skin does not have to get used to the new cosmetics).

Nivea Q10 Plus: anti-aging program works!

The history of the German cosmetics company is notable for its serious existence and innovations. Back in 1882, the scientist Beersdorf developed the necessary protection for the skin and today - adhesive tape. Following him, he came up with the world's first water-oil based cream. Inspired by previous successes, the developer created a whitening facial ointment (in Latin - “snow-white”, “niveus”). And the name of the decorative cosmetic line was fixed.

Features of the anti-aging program from "Nivea Ku 10+":

  • Affordable price (300-450 rubles), corresponding to high quality (studies were conducted on Russian women from 29 to 51 years old).
  • The ladies had similar skin problems. According to the study, from 31 to 67% of women confirmed the reduction of wrinkles (complex use of day and night, creams around the eyes led to their smoothing due to a high degree of hydration).

Cosmetics consists of natural ingredients.

  • Cosmetics consists of natural ingredients, plus - there is silicone (cosmetologists say that in reasonable doses it is useful - it creates an impenetrable film and protects the skin from moisture loss).
  • Ease of use (there are products with ball applicators, tin containers, from which it is convenient to remove the cream).

Tip! The cosmetic line of the anti-aging program series used after 30 years is better to start using a little earlier - from 25-27 years old. Then it will be possible to prevent premature deep wrinkles.

Mizon: Made in Korea

South Korean cosmetics "Mizon" different unusual composition. At the heart of - nutritional, moisturizing, collagen substances derived from the "wildlife".

The company has focused on the use of slime snails, specially grown on their own farms. The tool is cleaned (so that the mucus does not cause irritation and allergic reaction) and is combined with extracts of medicinal plants, vitamins obtained from fruits (vitamin C - from lemon).

Distinctive features of "Mizon":

  • Means must be ordered via the Internet, before buying it is better to get acquainted with customer reviews in various forums (there are no instructions and composition in Russian or English).
  • Cosmetics have a narrowing effect (the pores shrink, which after 30 years naturally increase).
  • Means struggle with redness, light rashes (acne), make the skin pleasant to the touch.

The cream contains mucus snails, specially grown on Mizon's own farms.

Cost - from 700 rubles for a capacity of 50 ml (plus - comes in addition a plastic stick, which is convenient to remove the cream from the container).

Important! Positive feedback from users of cosmetics Korean companies refer to the pleasant texture of the cream. On a consistence it reminds gel, does not leave fat marks and feeling of stickiness.

"Belita-Vitex": whitening cream, suitable quality

From the money for 150 rubles (on average) do not expect miracles, although it successfully (according to customer reviews) has established itself. The cream fights pigment spots, freckles, lightening them. Skin looks younger.

Features of this series:

  • Clever whitening, when only the blemishes on the face become lighter.
  • Fruit acids, extracts of a cowberry, a bearberry, oil of peach stones, a lemon are a part. But the cream, according to a small group of users, is quite fat. Use it in small quantities.
  • From acne, red spots after acne, the owners of dry skin type creators recommend using this cream.

The cream fights pigmentation, freckles, lightening them

Tip!The tool is also applied to the decollete and hands (fat cream nourishes the skin for 4-8 hours). Apply it on clean skin, preferably cleansed with a scrub (for greater penetration).

Estee Lauder: Luxury Cosmetics

The Revitalizing Suprem series is designed specifically for girls after 30 years. The composition of American products include hyaluronic acid (it is produced by the skin cells themselves, but with age it becomes less). The substance fills the fine wrinkles, the skin gets the effect of tightness.

The cost can confuse - for a capacity of 30 ml sometimes they request from 930 rubles to 1800.

The cream is recommended to be used as soon as the skin loses its elasticity and acquires a network of fine wrinkles (it is not necessary to wait 30 years for it).

The cream is recommended to be used as soon as the skin loses its elasticity and acquires a network of fine wrinkles.

If the composition does not specify the level of protection against UV rays (or it is low - from 15 to 20), especially in the warm season, you will have to worry about additional protection of the skin - sunscreen.

Tip! It is more convenient to purchase a small container with a cream, 30 ml in size ("travel option"). It is cheaper than a whole jar, plus - it will be enough to make sure of the high quality of the products or go to the next tool.

Skin Naturals, Garnier: restore skin to its original freshness

Means from the French company is "convenient" in drawing, it easily lays down. The texture of the cream is greasy, although the consistency is lighter than it seems. The product moisturizes and stimulates the production of collagen. Sometimes girls note the presence of a protective thin film covering the skin after use.

The price of the tool - about 200 p. (which is inexpensive for a company with a world name, which is part of the "L'Oreal").

The cream contains extracts of maple juice, moisturizes and softens the skin of palm oil and glycerin.

It is better to apply after cleansing the skin with a gel developed by the creators of "Garnier". The cream contains extracts of maple juices, moisturizes and softens the skin with palm oil (healing, combats skin inflammation and rashes), glycerin (protects against shallow wrinkles).

Tip! The users of the Garnier products claim that there will be a positive effect if you apply exactly the same amount of cream as indicated on the package in order to have enough (more - do not, otherwise oily skin will show with great force, will let you know about acne and other eruptions ).

Loreal: "Humidification expert 24 hours"

The French company, the leading sales of cosmetic products, offers a series of creams for the “30+” category girl too. The cost is low (from 300 rubles). It is based on micellar water that gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin.

Manufacturers use and modern developments in the composition of the funds (the same silicone). But you need to apply the cream in small quantities (to avoid the effect of oily skin).

Features of the cream "Moisturizing-expert 24 hours":

  • Most reviews claim that the cream falls easily, it is used as a base for makeup.
  • Suitable for owners of dry and sensitive skin types (additionally moisturizes and prevents flaking).
  • Within 15-20 minutes it is absorbed and leaves no greasy, shiny marks (if not applied to fatty areas).
Manufacturers use and modern developments in the composition of the means

Tip! The tool must be used for the neckline, it needs additional nutrition. If the cream did not fit (did not even like it), do not continue to use it. Sometimes it is enough to return to him in time.

Facial Care Tips

Facial care will result only in an integrated approach. Applying face cream after age 30 is not the only mandatory item. We'll have to follow the standard rules (sleep, follow the water balance) and get into the habit of "new."

Applying morning creams containing SPF (sunscreen particles) should be a mandatory ritual. They will be able to reflect the rays of the ultraviolet and make the skin lighter.

In the evening, remember about removing makeup. No matter how difficult the day is, cosmetics are washed off (with tonic, milk, micellar water, and makeup gels under the shower). Evening creams are applied over the cleaned skin, eyelashes are treated with castor or peach, burdock oil.

The application of morning creams containing SPF (sunscreen particles) should be mandatory ritual

Do not be ashamed of anti-aging procedures (the introduction of hyaluronic acid, the adherents of the beauty industry recommend Botox). For less daring girls fit peels (mechanical, chemical). But it is better to hold it in the salon (it is easy to damage the skin on your own and even leave scars).

But the main thing in beauty is self-respect and love. A woman who appreciates herself and her appearance will not go to bed with make-up or apply expired cosmetics just because it is a pity to throw her away.