Margot Robbie has fun at her best friend's hen party

For the sake of friends, you can find a place in a dense actor's schedule.

Margot Robbie has recovered to Australia to have fun at the bachelorette party of her friend Anna Makylopp. To do this, the actress had to restructure the work schedule and find time for flight and rest.

The holiday was arranged in a nautical style. The girl was relaxed on the beach in bathing suits, and sea panama women were put on their heads. The bride herself was wearing a captain's cap. And this is not surprising - at the party she was rightfully the main one.

According to friends, at the bachelorette party, everything was thought out to the smallest detail and even sweets were served in the form of male genitalia.

Later, the celebration was continued at the Cheeky Monkeys nightclub.

Margo admitted that she had fun for the glory.

Recall that Byron Bay and for the actress is not just a meeting place with friends. It was there that she married the filmmaker Tom Akerley in 2016.