Courtney Kardashian caught in a lie

39-year-old Kourtney Kardashian denies that her appearance has undergone changes due to plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures. The girl said that she did only mammoplasty. However, leading American surgeons questioned this.

Experts say that the old and new photos of the stars are too different. Therefore, there is no doubt that Courtney resorted to professional cosmetic procedures. Yes, and now on the face of a businesswoman imperceptible age-related changes that should have appeared already.

Surgeon Tim Seyed, who performed many operations on Hollywood stars, said that Kim must have done rhinoplasty. Her nose has become much thinner. The star also regularly resorts to injection procedures, in particular, to Botox.

Touched the change and Courtney's lips - they became more plump.

Only the star's mom, 63-year-old Chris Jenner, is one of a large family who does not hide that she has repeatedly resorted to plastic surgery. The rest are trying hard to deny it.