Will the screen come out "Brother-3"?

Sergei Bodrov Sr. was skeptical about the idea of ​​continuing the sensational films of the 90s.

At one time, the dilogy "Brother" and "Brother-2," directed by Alexei Balabanov, became a real sensation. In many ways, this success was achieved thanks to the talent of the leading actor - Sergey Bodrov Jr. Two years ago, Danil Bagrov played by him was even recognized as the country's national superhero.

Recently, the scandalous musician Stas Baretsky announced his intention to film the continuation of the paintings. According to his plan, the film will be ready by next year, and the plot along with the actors will also include former prisoners. Among the actors who can be involved there, the showman named Vyacheslav Datsik.

The producer of the first two paintings, Sergei Selyanov, considered such plans simply rudeness and wished the musician to be dishonored. Sergei Bodrov Sr. was also surprised by this idea and said that he would not give any advice to the creators of the film. On the Web, users believe that in this way Baretsky will simply distort the work of the already dead Bodrov Jr. and Balabanov