As a pensioner from social networks I could become a model: yes, this is the coolest bearded man!

One of the great features of modern model business is accessibility. Due to the popularity of social networks, almost everyone has the chance to show their photos to the world and try themselves as models.

Not everyone succeeds in this, but a pensioner from Paris named Philippe Dumas still managed to fulfill his long-held dream.

A man spent a long time laying out his pictures in an instagram account, and once asked his subscribers: "Now I am retired, but still not old enough to retire. Finally, I would like to try to realize my old dream and become a model. How Do you think I have a chance? "

Dumas devoted the last 30 years of his life to working at a film studio and an advertising agency. The man could not even think that thanks to his question under the publication in the social network he would be able to get a contract in the modeling business. Very soon Phillip was contacted by Getyy and Joop! Homme.

At first, Dumas did not believe his eyes, but soon he signed a contract and was happy about the fulfillment of his old dream. A man who is over 60 years old looks great and strenuously watches his appearance - he performs cardio exercises, strength training, stretching and even does ballet.

He remembered Dumas' old dream thanks to his new image. Retire, the man decided that he was tired of shaving, and began to grow a beard. The others liked the new image of Philip so much that he decided to devote more time to himself and his instagram account.

About rivalry with young models, Philip is not going through. “No excitement. I love my job and how quickly fashion changes. It’s cyclical, don’t forget. All new trends originate from the past,” the man said.

How long the career of the age model will last, he himself does not know. Dumas enjoys every day and is happy that in his old age he had the opportunity to try himself in what he had long been interested in.

So one publication in the social network can give a person a new career, even if he has already retired.