Galkina accused of preparing an attempt on Kirkorov

A terrorist who was going to kill Philip Kirkorov, said that he was asked to do so by Maxim Galkin.

In July 2017, in preparing for the terrorist attack, Khidirnebi Kazuyev and his accomplices were detained at one of Philip Kirkorov's concerts in Makhachkala. A few days ago, investigators finished drafting a charge against terrorists, and some facts were leaked to the press. So, during the interrogation, Kazuev seriously claimed that he was going to kill the pop king “by request” of Maxim Galkin. Supposedly the humorist himself got in touch with him and offered him 2 million rubles for this business. The reason for such hostility Galkin called jealousy for his wife Alla Pugacheva, told Hidirneby.

The young man even had time to transfer an advance in the amount of half the amount, after which he decided to abandon this idea, fearing that other people would suffer along with Kirkorov. But at that time he was already captured. Dagestani asked the investigators to call in for questioning the entire "star trinity" - Pugachev, Galkin and Kirkorov, but he was denied that.

Maxim Galkin has already managed to comment on the news, calling them "spring aggravation."