Natalia Oreiro flew to Russia

Fans greeted the star guest at the airport.

Natalia Oreiro flew to Russia. The star will make a tour of the cities of our country.

The first concert of the singer will be held March 23 in St. Petersburg.

But before the plane could land at Pulkovo, a Uruguayan actress was attacked by a crowd of female fans. Seeing Natalia, the fans began to shoot her on the phones. Some of the most courageous Russians tried to touch the star and make selfie with it.

The fans surrounded Natalia with a tight ring, so the tour manager and the artist’s guards had to intervene in the situation, and they helped the star guest to break through the crowd.

Recall, Oreiro became popular in Russia after the leading roles in the Argentinean TV series "Wild Angel" and "The Rich and Famous."

The singer's tour will end on April 16 in Voronezh.