Jerry Halliwell decided not to inflate the scandal

The first performance of Spice Girls should be held in late May.

Jerry Halliwell decided not to quarrel with Melanie Brown, who in an interview told about their long-standing love relationship.

The actress does not want to inflate the scandal out of the situation - in the near future the Spice Girls will have their first tour in two decades.

Of course, Jerry pissed off the trick of her former colleague in the group, but she decided not to give vent to emotions.

Recall now that Holliwell is married and has a two-year-old son. In her life, everything is fine. She is not going to weave intrigues and react to gossip.

Last year, the band announced a reunion and a grand tour.

Rehearsals for the Spice Girls are due to start soon, and the first performance is scheduled for May 24th. Victoria Beckham refused to participate - she decided to devote herself to the design of her own collections.