Interviews Volochkova and Sobchak turned into a scandal

An attempt to reconcile the two stars resulted in a new conflict.

The whole network knows about the tense relationship between Ksenia Sobchak and Anastasia Volochkova. Ladies now and then exchange caustic courtesies, sometimes rudely becoming personal. More surprising was the choice of ex-ballerina in the role of the heroine of the new release of the show Sobchak.

Ksenia came home to Volochkova and almost immediately behaved incorrectly. Colleagues of the girl - journalists - criticized in social networks the way she openly sneered at the contents of the refrigerator and Anastasia cabinets.

And at the end of the release, the celebrities went to the bathhouse, where they whipped each other with besoms.

After the interview, the ex-ballerina said that the film crew had installed cameras in the bath without her knowledge. In addition, Volochkova was warped by the fact that the journalist was rummaging through the drawers of her nightstand. All the accusations of lack of professionalism Ksenia swept aside, stating that the shooting was agreed.