Alla Pugacheva celebrates her anniversary: ​​her children were the first to congratulate the prima donna

Maxim Galkin posted a touching video from a personal archive.

Today, April 15, Alla Pugacheva turned 70 years old. In honor of the anniversary, all the last days on the central TV channels there are programs devoted to the work of Diva: her former husbands remember family life with a star, and her colleagues on the stage - about the singer's talent. The stars of show business congratulate Alla online, but one of the first to congratulate her was her small children Lisa and Harry. The touching movie was published by Maxim Galkin, the husband of Pugacheva.

It shows how carefully Alla listens to the kids: the children prepared a card for her and sang a congratulatory song. The singer admitted that by this they moved her to tears.