Sergey Dorenko died

The famous journalist died as a result of aortic rupture.

Well-known Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko died on May 9. First, the alleged cause of death celebrities called an accident, because Dorenko fell from a motorcycle. The journalist was diagnosed with clinical death, and then he died without regaining consciousness. Only later, doctors found that the cause of death was the rupture of the aorta, which occurred right during the trip.

Relatives of the journalist said that Dorenko was aware of health problems - 3 years ago he was diagnosed with an aneurysm, after which he began taking pressure-reducing drugs.

Meanwhile, the funeral of a journalist was postponed at the request of his daughters from his first marriage. The girls believe that they could have poisoned their father, and allegedly his present wife, Julia, was involved in this. Now the police ordered not to hand over Dorenko’s body for burial or cremation in order to conduct an examination.