Risky thing: how to invite a man on a date, knowing his zodiac sign

The stereotype about male initiative in relationships has taken root in society firmly and for a long time. But some girls go against the system and take the first step towards love. To the strategy was correct, ladies better read the recommendations of astrologers. They will tell you how to invite a man on a date, knowing his zodiac sign.


This guy doesn't get hints. He is active and swift, so the best bait for Aries is a direct offer. And it is better if it will be a kind of betting or competition. Then he definitely will not refuse the offer.

A date with Aries will definitely be fun!

By the way, he is very positive about the initiative. The girl, who decided on the first step, he instantly put above the others on his imaginary scale of sympathy.

So, the first step is done. Now it is important to choose a place where Aries will be able to demonstrate their strengths. It may even be rides on which he will have to conquer the peaks in a flowery trailer.


This character likes to be in charge, so the date of the invitation can be wary. But at the same time, he is somewhat timid, therefore, with a high probability, he will seize on this chance. In a word, it is not necessary to guess, it's time to call this to the shy man for a rendezvous.

Make the offer better in a tete-a-tete setting, but always live. No messages on social networks will not force the representative of this sign to move.

Earth sign likes to eat well, because the invitation to the restaurant will be received favorably.

The best option for a date with Taurus - a restaurant. And it should not be cheap eatery or bistro. Taurus - exquisite gourmets who are well versed in culinary intricacies. It is better to choose a national cuisine with traditional dishes, for example, a Slavic restaurant.


This sign relies on the intellect of the counterpart, so on a date the girl will have to try. Inviting Gemini is in places where you can have plenty to talk. The pair should not be disturbed by loud music and obsessive waiters. Ideal option - the lake coast, park, walk on the square.

On a date with Gemini, be ready to show activity, so heels come to nothing!

The form of the invitation is not so important. It can be a nice SMS, a direct invitation when meeting, and even a note from the "secret fan". Twins are good at initiative and love secrets. So why not be such a secret to them?


This guy is shy and sometimes too shy. Therefore, the idea of ​​a white date he likes. Moreover, all his life he just waits for some kind of initiative lady to appear who will entice him into the world of romance.

The best place to meet is the home environment. It can be found in the respective thematic cafes. You can also arrange a joint meeting at home with friends. Cancer will reveal only in a familiar place and close to loved ones.

And Cancer will appreciate a date in a cozy cafe or a romantic walk in the park

Another important attribute is warm drink. Tea, coffee, mulled wine or other hot drinks will allow Raku to relax and be yourself.

a lion

The fire sign loves itself, therefore on the first date it is important to admire its regal person. Start the procedure better from the invitation. And it's better to make it original, because this guy is used to the attention of the opposite sex.

Call him and tell him that this evening will be gray and boring without his bright person. And do not be afraid to be banal and corny. Lions love flattery. This is the key to their heart.

On the second date, you can call Leo on some bright party

As for the venue, it should be an improvised podium. Let Leo straighten his shoulders and show his beauty. Let it be a trip to the gallery or exhibition. The worst option is to shove Leo at the far table in a cafe, where neither his beautiful dress, nor his elegant posture can be seen.


If you have to invite a maiden on a date, it is worth being slightly obtrusive. This character can weigh all the pros and cons for a long time, so the girl will soon see indifference. But behind the cold facial expression often hides interest. It is better to call the Virgin on a date with the help of frequent calls at any time of the day.

Virgos are conservative, because exotic ideas should be discarded for the first time.

This character willingly agrees to a meeting in the format of partner assistance. Ask him for advice in choosing home appliances or any appliance that you don’t understand. And also touch on the topic of a favorable price for the same device. Virgo is a skilled financier.


This person does not like to make a choice, so he will happily go on an already planned date. It is important to work out in advance all the smallest details. This applies to wine, snacks, venue and a date.

Libra loves everything refined, because first of all they will appreciate your outfit

Another trump card for the girl inviting Libra is in her appearance. This guy is important that his chosen one looks flawless. Therefore, to choose a location worth looking at the dress code. Invite him to the elite restaurant, but by no means on a picnic. After all, there you can not come on heels.


This guy chooses the role of the hunter, not the victim, so he may well refuse the white date. So he pecked, it is important to choose well, very original place. For example, dinner in a dilapidated castle or a trip to the room of fear. This lover of mysticism and mystery will not give up the "dark" entertainment.

Scorpio loves to tickle the nerves of himself and others, because the most desperate girls can offer him a parachute jump as a date.

In addition to cooling the blood of leisure, it will take an hour to talk. It is important for a girl to know that Scorpio will necessarily touch on intimate topics. So he eliminates too timid and conservative young ladies, for which it is necessary to prepare, stocking up with sharp answers-blanks.


This character himself loves to date. But this does not mean that he will refuse the invitation. Sagittarius are extremely independent and do not tolerate pressure. It is better not to burden him with talking about future plans. The invitation should look like a spontaneous, invented a second ago.

Also, Sagittarius will appreciate some new place in the city, because it likes to be a pioneer

An ideal meeting place is a disco. It is important not to claim the role of mistress, but just to have fun with Sagittarius hand in hand. Partnership is the guy's dream.


It is better to invite this person by giving him a mini-interview. The most winning format is a question-and-answer conversation. Capricorn does not like hints and is more willing to accept a direct offer, after which all the details will be discussed.

As a location, it is better to choose nature. Earth signs and pulls on fresh air, so why not spend this evening for a barbecue? At the same time, you can demonstrate your culinary skills. Housekeeping in Capricorns girls value more than fashionable manicure.

With Capricorn you should always be able to keep up the conversation, otherwise even the most beautiful dress will not save

Do not forget about intelligence. Board games will help the girl to shine with them, which she should stock up on in advance.


A date with Aquarius may seem like a real torture. He doesn’t reveal himself, he can be silent for an hour, and he can be directly vaccinated to questions. Invite him too easy. He will refuse several times and his counterpart will torment him until she loosens her grip.

Aquarius loves noisy parties too, but he will go to an intellectual game

Planning a cultural program will also have a girlfriend. And it is better if it is going to a movie or a concert. Then you do not have to pull out of Aquarius by the word and wonder whether he likes what is happening.


Fish are known as dreamers and dreamers. In order not to lose money, it is recommended to invite a guy to a creative environment, for example, to a cooking class or a painting lesson.

Pisces are romantics, so they will not refuse to go on any non-dynamic game, for example, contact improvisation.

He is shy and often unsure of himself. The invitation accepts a bang, but until the end of the meeting will doubt whether the lady liked it. It is important to praise Pisces and remind you how cool everything went. It is better to accidentally mention that the second meeting will also come in handy.

To make a date, the stars advise the girls not to be timid and invite men to the meetings. However, one should not neglect the instruction that astrology presents to the initiative ladies.