The horoscope for May 31: what events will the spring end for Pisces, Aquarius, Lviv and others?

The general astrological forecast informs: this day will pass under the influence of the waning Moon, located in the constellation Taurus. This Friday is suitable for the completion of the commenced, planning, rejection of all unnecessary and aggravating. What will bring us the last day of the calendar spring will tell the horoscope for all signs of the zodiac on May 31, 2019.


Aries should refuse long-distance travel, especially if you are driving

Aries, a horoscope on May 31, warns: today it is worthwhile to show the utmost care and caution on the road; This applies to both drivers and pedestrians. As well as astrologers recommend to postpone long journeys - the likelihood of force majeure is high, take care.

This Friday, the first sign of the zodiac will be able to eliminate problems in personal and family life, the main thing is to set such a goal. But singles stars promise the beginning of a new novel, probably you have a fan or admirer.

Some Aries may need moral support or good advice. Seek help from a person whose opinion is authoritative for you, you will not lose!


Taurus, horoscope on Friday, May 31 promises life-changing dating and landmark meetings. Today, women and men of the second mark can find reliable friends, interested like-minded people and even the love of their whole life. Nevertheless, astrologers recommend not giving false hope to those people in a society that you do not need.

This is a great day in terms of emotional state and physical health. Today Taurus is protected from any infections and colds. Fortunately, nervous breakdowns do not threaten you either.

The only caveat - the relationship with colleagues, companions or superiors can now get out of control. Avoid value judgments and harsh statements to prevent trouble.


Difficult day to go through for women Twins

It seems that representatives of the element of Air expect an extremely emotional day. This is especially true of women and girls of the third mark. Probably serious clashes of interests both at work and at home. Exposures, quarrels, disappointments are expected, mistrust from close people is possible.

The key to today's success will be decency and calm. Only in this way can Gemini avoid serious problems and irreparable consequences.

The unfavorable location of the planets can provoke a breakdown, apathy, exacerbation of chronic diseases. The horoscope on May 31, 2019 advises to avoid mental overload and reduce physical exertion on these days.


Raki, the horoscope on May 31 predicts: an exhausting day is expected, it seems, it will be possible to exhale only late in the evening. Already in the morning hours there are likely unpleasant coincidences, conflicts, and embarrassing situations that will leave a train of conflicting emotions for the rest of the day. Astrologers advise to avoid aggressive impulses, so as not to spoil relations with loved ones and relatives.

Typical Cancers will experience irresistible craving for change. Nevertheless, now is not the right time to change your profession or place of residence. Have patience and think carefully about your desires.

Meanwhile, this Friday favors romantic quest, first dates, cultural leisure and entertainment trips.

a lion

Today, the Lions can count on success in current affairs.

The horoscope for Leo on May 31, 2019 promises a fruitful and eventful day. Today, you can count on some success in work, business or creative initiatives - the fifth mark can only be envied for the efficiency and confidence of the fifth mark. True, gentleness and diplomacy when interacting with others on those days will not be superfluous either.

In the field of love positive trends are outlined. Family Leo will be able to overcome any disagreements with the household. And free women and men can safely go in search of halves and dates.

The location of the planets indicates probable problems with the digestive tract, stomach pains are possible. Adjust today's menu, excluding from it heavy food, as well as coffee and alcoholic beverages.


Virgo astrological forecast on May 31, 2019 prophesies: exciting and at the same time quite successful days are expected. Minor difficulties will not spoil the fighting moods of the sixth sign, especially if you tune in to the philosophical mood. Fortune will be accompanied by those representatives of the earth elements who have recently been focused on detailed planning.

Astrologers recommend not to forget about the people who helped you or continue to provide support. It is your gratitude that will reinforce the positive trends of this Friday.

The moment is favorable for finding a new job and solving housing issues. Stars promise Virgo financial accruals and professional achievements. Some have to get joyful news related to loved ones and loved ones.


The horoscope for Friday, May 31, predicts Libra is an ambiguous day, full of anxiety and joy. Today, the typical representatives of the air element will be on a creative wave, you will want to innovate even in the most ordinary cases. At the same time, some urgent duties will continually hinder the implementation of unusual ideas. Some Scales will receive interesting offers of a business nature - agree without hesitation.

Free men and women stars promise a fateful acquaintance. It is possible that today will begin a dizzying romance with the prospect of a serious relationship. But family people should listen to the opinion of the halves in order to preserve harmony in a love union.

The second half of the day is marked by excessive emotionality. Avoid final conclusions and hasty actions.


Romance and love will break into Scorpio’s life

Scorpions, it seems, this Friday love questions will be the highest priority. Non-free representatives of the element of Water should be understood: hidden concerns about breaking up a relationship or divorce weaken your potential. If you are ready for change - act, but decisions must be reasonable and deliberate.

The horoscope on May 31, 2019 promises a magical day to lonely Scorpios. It is possible the beginning of a passionate romance. An old acquaintance from another city or country can become a potential mate. Anyway, your happiness is very close, do not miss it!

Astrologers do not recommend to confide with new acquaintances in business or creative circles. Under the mask of sincerity, mercenary intentions and envy can be hidden.


Sagittarius, now the stars favor you, try to use the chances of these days to the maximum! Horoscope on May 31, 2019, advises to determine the specific goals and begin to implement the plan. This Friday, the ninth sign of the zodiac will be able to deal with the old problems of both professional and love nature.

The key to today's success will be hard work, focus on results, responsibility and inner peace. Dare!

Meanwhile, the moment is not suitable for investment - the risks of financial losses are too high. But the day is favorable for learning and self-education, the exchange of knowledge and experience, you can safely look for new work and additional sources of profit.


Today, monetary luck will be on the side of Capricorns

Not the easiest day will be issued at Capricorns. The horoscope for Friday, May 31, recommends you wait a little with your beginnings and professional activities - today your initiatives are unlikely to bring the expected results. Try to adjust the mode of the day so that you have a couple of hours of free time left exclusively for yourself.

The financial horoscope for Capricorn is optimistic: a gradual increase in income or cash bonuses are predicted. The budget will definitely stabilize in the coming days.

The location of celestial bodies indicates the likelihood of breaking burdens. True, love unions can be reunited on the same day due to lucky coincidence of circumstances.


Today, typical Aquarians will be known for their real beeches. Blame it all - the accumulated fatigue, stress and the influx of official obligations. Anyway, the horoscope for Friday, May 31 advises not to let the initiative go, for now Fortune is with you. The only caveat: do not let yourself fall for those who are really dear to you.

This day is not suitable for working with securities, do not sign contracts and enter into transactions. There is a possibility of irreparable missteps that will damage the reputation of the eleventh mark. In addition, one should not trust unfounded information and rumors - any incoming information should be personally checked for accuracy.

Evening hours worth spending passively. Aquarius will need solitude in order to quickly recover the wasted energy. Try to go to bed early.


Juices and chilled teas will be a great alternative to alcoholic cocktails.

Fish, the influence of positive trends will intensify today, and most of the problems will be left out of your life. Astroprognoz promises a productive Friday, the main thing is to avoid lying even for minor reasons. In the professional field should be guided by decency and honesty, do not lose.

Family Pisces horoscope on May 31, 2019 is recommended to show loyalty towards loved ones and relatives. Evening hours should be devoted to joint entertainment, do not skimp on the pleasant things and delicious food. And loners on these days expect romantic surprises, catch luck by the tail!

With serious health problems are not predicted. However, today the twelfth sign of the zodiac would do well to refrain from alcoholic beverages.