Great beauty: the most stylish outfits of Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is often called the last diva. Indeed, there are no longer any actresses with such bright beauty, talent and truly Italian soul. But then the whole world has it - the favorite of the best directors and one of the founders of sensual Italian style in clothes.

Monica Bellucci's style is always associated with tight black midi length dresses. Such a style can really be seen on a diva more often than others - as a rule, the actress complements such images with laconic accessories and a hairstyle in the Italian style.

Traction to such silhouettes can be traced from the very young years of the actress.

One more detail Monica's favorite is the transparent or translucent details of the outfit. It can be both sleeves and a full-fledged air layer, adding a dress of mystery and gloss.

Even a glittering golden dress cannot overshadow the beauty of a diva. On the contrary, it emphasizes the olive tint of her skin and natural dark chestnut hair color. At some events, Monika can come even without makeup, and photos without photoshop - confirmation of this.

Like any passionate Italian, Monica is incredibly red. In combination with bare shoulders and luxurious necklaces, these dresses make a very impressive impression.

But more closed styles look at her no less elegant - especially when it comes to lace or actual silhouette in the style of the eighties.

One of the favorite prints of the actress is classic polka dots. Especially stylish it looks on dresses in retro style.

Bellucci is clearly not indifferent to the mermaid style, and for good reason: he turns the long black dress into the gothic queen's dress, and makes the velvet outfit with a cut not so predictable.

Pantsuits and overalls look at Bellucci no less sexy and feminine than fitting dresses.

And even the leopard print on Monica does not look very vulgar - thanks to the shades, the material of the dress and the natural make-up chosen for the image.

And yet some blunders of annoying paparazzi captured, but the true fans of Monica absolutely do not care about such attacks in the direction of the star.

The secret of the images of Monica Bellucci is not in the naked forms of the actress, but in sensuality and passion, which also resonate in her style.