For the cause Kazachenko took "decided the main country"

Evelina Mazur gives an expert assessment of the relations Kazachenko and Amanti.

In the case of the star of the 90s, Vadim Kazachenko, a new side appeared.

The participant of the conflict between Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina Romanovskaya - Elina Mazur decided to express her expert opinion on the divorce of the star. She said that she had recently met Kazachenko’s current wife, Irina Amanti, and described her as a very loving and loyal woman. In addition, Elina shared that she observes true love and devotion between the spouses.

Mazur has not bypassed Vadim's ex-wife, advising her to let go of her husband and wait for the results of the second examination of the DNA analysis.